In Only 30 Minutes A Day!

  • Get back into the gym the right way after baby
  • Discover how to look and feel amazing in your body
  • ...And do it all injury free & stronger than ever


In Only 30 Minutes A Day!

  • Get back into the gym the right way after baby
  • Discover how to look and feel amazing in your body
  • ...And do it all injury free & stronger than ever

Start working out today!

You've accepted the challenge...Now let's take it to the NEXT LEVEL!


I am a mom of 2 and I had babies 15 months apart. My first baby was a difficult birth with a vacuum delivery and I had little time to heal before I was pregnant again.

When I found boot camps and Crossfit, I jumped in full force and went for it. I was taught that women and training women who have had babies is no different than men or anyone else and so I drive hard to get results and prove myself.

Fast forward years later and many puddles on the floor and enough downward pressure on heavy lifts that I saw a doctor about it. I was told I needed to stop lifting and have surgery for pelvic floor prolapse.

Luckily, I found a pelvic floor physical therapist that was able to help me avoid surgery. I learned so much including the power of breathing and how improperly breathing was a huge contributor to my problems.

With knowledge, a shift in mindset, and proper guidance I can still be the super fit, healthy mom I want to be who occasionally even competes as a masters athlete.

Having worked with Daisy and knowing her skills, I am so confident that she is an incredible coach for women pre- and -post-pregnancy who can help women avoid the severe problems I had.

I only wish I knew of her sooner.

If you are ready to become that strong mom, get back to the activities you love, and fit into your clothes pre-baby clothes, then it's time to...




 because this is important if you don't want to
 remain trapped in your pregnancy body!

Most new moms who are ready to get back into shape after baby,
face one major HIDDEN obstacle that always keeps that dream beyond their reach.

What is it?

Well, before I tell you, let me ask you a question.

If you are a new mom and want to get back into fitness...


After reading that, how much of it applies to you?

If any of these sound like you, I want you to avoid saying...

Thinking of rushing back into intense exercise after baby?


Just because your doctor has given you clearance


That will put you on the fast track to injury




If you're like most new moms who love fitness, then you are counting down the minutes until you are able to get back to your old workouts.

But you may not know that just because your doctor has given you clearance to workout again, doesn't mean that your body is ready for high-intensity workouts.

Not many moms have been informed of the risks of jumping back into exercises after baby.

Not many moms are aware of things like pelvic organ prolapse, diastasis, hernia, or urinary incontinence.

Your body has gone through so much in 9 months. It is important to treat your body like it's been injured.

Do you know of any athletes who have sustained an injury and avoided rebuilding and rehabbing their body before returning to sport?

The answer is no! And you need to treat your body just the same.

Rest is only the first step to getting your body back into the shape you've dreamed of!

Rebuilding your body is the crucial missed step that keeps women stuck, injured, or destined to a life of mom jeans.


This program is about so much more than HOW to get you back in shape after baby (although we totally do that too).

It's about group coaching and accountability to see you through the highs and lows of your new mama fitness journey -- those moments when you look in the mirror and you're ready to give up -- that's why I want to work with you, so you can push through and see real results.

The hard truth is... the sure way to fail at your goals, is to stop trying.


of my simple 8 week, 5-Step Strong Moms Rebuilding Method, so that you can rebuild your body
so that you're gym ready & can finally get back into your skinny jeans





This is not a group workout!
These are exclusive group coaching calls with me at your fingertips.

This is the perfect place to go over your posture, lifting strategy, troubleshoot aches, pains, or weakness during your exercises or any fitness related issues you are dealing with.

Call topics will reflect what you are currently working on in the rebuilding program so that you can make sure you are doing things right!

Workout with Baby Series

Can't find some me time? No worries! You can still get a great workout in... This bonus includes three 20 minutes workouts that you can do with your little one.

Back to Running Workshop

Lover of running? Want to avoid chronic complications that come from running too early after baby? This is the workshop will get you back on the trails in no time, injury-free.

Bullet Proof 1 Week Trial

Done with rebuilding your body after baby? Get a taste of our next level program "Bullet Proof After Baby Program" to see if it's right for you. A fun combo of HIIT, Bootcamp, + Weights.

Community Facebook Group

Questions, accountability, camaraderie... You get lifetime acess to an awesome group of fit moms, just like you!

New Mom Mindset Workshop

Overwhelmed with life? screaming kids? or your body? This mindset workshop will get you centered and back on track to reach your goals.

Diastasis&Leakage Workshop

Need some extra focus on strategies, exercises, and tips to manage your diastasis or leakage? This workshop is for you!

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Having a guide and coach that can walk with you, giving you a step-by-step path to follow so you never feel confused about what's next.

... instead of saying "why didn't anyone ever tell me this" and giving up on your fitness after you become a mom. Instead, you can always have help getting to the next level, ensuring you finally feel strong in your new body.

... feeling confident every time you walk by a mirror, feel strong every time you walk into the gym, all while slipping into clothes that fit you again.

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"Because of working with Daisy and Strong Moms Fitness, I am now able to keep accountable & make sure I get my workouts in! I am so proud of taking this time for myself and exercising appropriately for my injuries postpartum. The workouts are amazing, they start off easy and get progressively harder. I loved the emphasis on posture and ab work...I think about contracting my abs randomly during the day!

- Rhonda (WA)

I have, like many moms, gained weight after my pregnancies that I just couldn’t seem to get rid of. I was unhappy with my body, but also unmotivated to do anything about it. After watching the numbers on the scale continue to climb, I just got more discouraged.

Finally, I saw a recent picture of myself and I knew I needed to make a change. I needed to set and reach fitness goals, not only for myself but also to set a good example for my family... and to have the energy to keep up with them!

My biggest challenge was making “me time” to get the workouts done. I discovered that carving out time in the morning before everyone wakes up is best for me, and then scheduling for much easier.

I’m excited that I found time for myself, and in doing so, it has encouraged me to find time for self-care and painting. Daisy Andrea is really easy to talk to which makes getting the most out of her programs simple. I was never afraid to ask a question.

I loved this program and the foundation that it laid for my workout journey. I would recommend it to any and all moms, no matter how old your babies are.

Thank you Daisy Andrea!

- Nikki (Homosassa, FL)

"Before starting the program I struggled with finding/making time to do workouts and knowing where to even start. I also had leakage problems. I decided to join the program because it felt like I was having a little leakage after the slightest of cough, or even laugh, I was over it, and then I joined the one week challenge and loved it and knew this was the program for me!

I think by just liking the workouts, made me want to do them, and doing them made me feel good about myself so I tried my best to make the time, even on vacation, to do the workouts.

The workouts definitely seem to help with my leakage issues, and that is completely worth it to me. I would definitely recommend this program to a friend, such great information for the post-baby body and how to rehabilitate it."

- Mandi (Germany)


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Rebuilding Your Body After Baby
is the difference between
Success & Failure in the gym

Rebuilding your body after baby means taking control of your post-baby body!

It's more than just some Kegels & glute bridges:

  • By taking the time to heal and rehab your body in a systematic way, not only will you get back into the sports you love faster, you can decrease your risk of hernia, prolapse & leakage.
  • It won't take as long as you think! By spending a little time each day you can be well on your way to your favorite workouts in no time!
  • No amount of crunches will get rid of the mom belly, take control and learn the secrets to a flatter stomach.




TRUST ME WHEN I SAY, that's a story you're telling yourself, you absolutely need to rebuild your body so that you can have the body you want at any stage of your life going forward.

The secret is to take small and progressive action every single day and stop listening to the excuses of why this isn't the right next step for you.

After coaching hundreds of women how to rebuild their body after baby and keeping them safe from injury. I created a step-by-step system to help you get back into the gym & your skinny jeans safely. Rest assured that I know how to support and coach you in this next chapter.

But I want you to understand a few things before you click the "enroll now" button...

The moms I work with invest in themselves and their health. I only want to work with moms who understand that rebuilding after baby is important and necessary. I only work with women who are willing to trust the process, do the work, and remain coachable. Strong Moms: Rebuild After Baby is for those who are serious about transforming their post-pregnancy body and life.

Strong Moms: Rebuild After Baby is about progressive CORRECTIVE exercise. It is not a quick-fix to CrossFit or High-Intensity. It is for moms who want to heal and repair safely and are willing to slow down and focus on this necessary work.

So if you are OK with my commitment to serve you, what are you waiting for? Let's roll up our sleeves and rebuild that body!

Click the button below and let's do this!

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Strong Moms: Rebuild After Baby is not one-on-one Personal Training...


The Problems with one-on-one Personal Training

Good 1:1 Personal Training is expensive. We all know time is a limited resource, which means private training comes at a premium price tag. Why would you choose to pay more work with a 1:1 trainer when you can work with an online coach in your own home whenever you have the time?

1:1 Personal Training has a time limit. When you sign up to work with a trainer for 6 weeks you are essentially saying, "I want to be taken through the first 6 weeks of my journey and I will figure the rest out on my own." That's like paying for a cookbook that only has the first 3 steps of a 10 step recipe and saying you will figure out the last 7 steps on your own. That is a recipe for disaster! Instead, Rebuild After Baby provides you will all the steps you need at the pace you want.

1:1 Personal Trainers are typically not trained in this stuff. Standard personal training certifications do not even mention that working with pregnant and postnatal women requires special consideration. You could be putting trust in someone who has not been properly educated on your specific needs and can lead you to injury and the doctors office.

A Successful Graduate

May (Kotzebue, Alaska)

"I am truly thankful to be part of this program that has changed how I see myself and has built my mental and physical resilience.

When I started, I had no clue how strong my body could be. We go through life telling ourselves we are not capable of doing things with our bodies because “I had a baby, I’ll never get rid it this belly” or “I am just not that kind of person that can work out every day”.

I particularly felt I would never be able to run again after having spine surgery, going through a c-section, and being 30 plus pounds overweight. This program has changed my perceptions about what I can do with my body. It has been a paradigm shift for me.

It helped me build strength little by little, and more importantly, doing things at my own pace.  It gave me all the tools needed to be successful. Daisy is always there to support you through this physical and mental transformation.

I have tried many programs before and what sets this one apart is that this is a program I can do for life.

It's not all about losing weight is about feeling at my best for life.  As a busy working mom, I am exhausted most of the time so being able to do little bouts of activity throughout the day gives me the flexibility I need.

The Rebuild After Baby app helps me keep track of what I did earlier in the day and what I need to come back to.

There’s no pressure to do it all. You are your own boss! Do what feels right! If you need to modify a routine, Daisy is there to help with tips and encouragement. You can do this! "

Rebuild After Baby is way better than 1:1 Personal Training

  • Work at your own pace
  • Progress when you are ready
  • No driving to the gym
  • No need to hire a sitter
  • Take a week off if you need to
  • Learn what to do and why you are doing it
  • Redo the program if you have another baby
  • Save yourself thousands of dollars
  • Talk it out in our Facebook Group
  • Get feedback on your movements
  • Complete start to finish step-by-step journey
  • Avoid untrained personal trainers
  • Help to prevent injuries and surgeries
  • Rebuild right and become stronger than ever!

Meet Coach Daisy.

Hi! I'm Daisy Andrea Bravo, the founder of Strong Moms Fitness. I'm a certified prenatal and postnatal fitness coach and a Postpartum Corrective Exercise Specialist.

I'm known as the go-to coach for athletic, fitness driven women who want to stay fit and strong during all phases of motherhood.

In 2001, when I first started working with moms, it wasn't long before I got worried when my postnatal women developed injuries shortly after returning to exercise. I knew there was a deeper reason why my clients kept saying "Why didn't anyone tell me this!?"

Today, I help moms exclusively, spreading the word of the realities and struggles of motherhood in health & fitness.

Most women don't realize, but being a Strong Mom with 6 pack abs and firm glutes requires you to rebuild your internal foundation first.

I Educate Moms on How they can

⚬ rebuild the core and pelvic floor
⚬ help to shrink that mom pooch
⚬ help to prevent pelvic prolapse
⚬ escape potential surgery
⚬ fix leakage issues
⚬ help to relieve hip and joint pain
& more so they can get back to real life and the workouts they love!

When you join Strong Moms: Rebuild After Baby, you can expect to learn how to get back to fitness the RIGHT way after baby saving you the worry and embarrassment of peeing yourself, the risk of being sidelined due to injury, or living with the dreaded mummy tummy!


I hear this one all the time and I love to call BS on this.  This is where I pull out the white glove and give you a smack of reality.  The women who go on to workout after baby with this mindset typically end up injured within six short months and then are stuck on the sidelines for 8-12 weeks as they go through physical therapy or surgery before they can return to exercise again.  Regardless of whether you’ve had a c-section, easy pregnancy, labor, or worked out all through your pregnancy, your body has been through so much change and has still been injured over the past 9 months of pregnancy, whether you think so or not.  

You have had a baby bearing down pressure on your pelvic floor and pushing on your abs for 9 non-stop months.  Your muscles had to adapt to this extra weight and load, altering your posture and breathing patterns.  Your hormones wreaked havoc on your ligaments and tendons, causing them to overstretch and weaken so that you could have a successful labor (your hormones were not informed that you were having a c-section).  And that is only the tip of the iceberg of what your body had to undergo for you to have this beautiful new baby.

Because of this, new moms need to treat their body like they have been injured (which it has).  And you may have done step one, which is rest, but have you ever seen anyone recover from a broken leg, rest for a month, then go back to sprinting week 4 later without any rehabilitation or rebuilding period?

This is why all moms need Strong Moms: Rebuild after Baby! It is the next step on your journey of fitness after baby.  Missing this step will just lead to chronic problems down the road.  And if you have really done the work this week you will know that diastasis, leaking, hernias, and prolapse can happen to a postpartum woman at any time, even 5 years postpartum!

Sure, you can find all the exercises you need to rebuild your body on Pinterest, Youtube, or Instagram.  But how do you know if these are the right exercises for you and your body at that given moment in time?

That’s like taking the ingredients from a recipe and throwing them into a bowl, without following the step-by-step instructions.  How do you think that is going to work for you?  How can you do random exercises online when you are unsure what needs to be worked on based on your body’s needs and where you want to end up?  

I meet so many new moms who are told, “Hey, just do Kegels, that will fix your pelvic floor”. But did you know that some women after baby have pelvic floors that are weak? while others have pelvic floors that are overactive and tight?  Which are you? Which exercises should you do for that?  Good luck trying to find someone on Pinterest who will give you those answers.  

That is why Strong Moms: Rebuild after Baby is so important, I give you the recipe to success based upon your individual needs, not the needs of some filtered & airbrushed influencer on Instagram.  And Strong Moms: Rebuild after Baby, will also help you figure out what each next step is until you are ready to get back into the gym.  

Yes, time is required to rebuild your body after baby, most important things in life require time.

But, consider how much time you spend complaining about hating your body, wishing that belly pooch would go away, complaining about the pain and the weird way your body feels.  All those things take time and they aren’t getting you closer to your goal, are they?

Think about all the extra time you’ll waste if you can’t lift and carry your baby in their carrier, or the time wasted waiting for your husband to grab the stroller out of the car because it hurts your back every time you grab it.

Strong Moms: Rebuild after Baby, takes no more than 30 minutes a day, and you don’t have to leave your house.  You will heal stronger and faster after baby than you ever thought possible that you’ll be making up extra time!

Doing this one little thing for yourself every day will allow you to be a better woman and better mamma!

And don’t forget, we all get busy with life and sometimes we are short on time, but remember that you have access to Strong Moms: Rebuild after Baby FOR LIFE! So if you get busy for a week or two, the program will be ready and waiting for you.

I get it, budget is important, and all your extra money has already been spent on your new baby.  And right now, more than ever, your family may be struggling to make ends meet.

But let me be frank, I am not here to take money away from you or your family.  Putting food on the table and a roof over your head is way more important.

But, if “I can’t afford it” really means “I don’t see the value”, let’s have a chat.

Q. What would it cost you if you skipped this important step and injured yourself? Are you prepared for the time on the sidelines, or the time and cost of physical therapy, doctor visits, or even surgery?

Q. When you imagine yourself as that strong mom 6 months to one year from now, hitting those fitness goals, what will that do your you? For your family? For your life?

Q. What would never feeling shame for your postpartum body do for you?

Q. What would walking into a room and feeling confident do for you?

Q. What would swimming with your kids because you feel amazing in a bathing suit do for you and your family?

Q. What would healing your body do for your health?

Q. What would it feel like to hit the gym and not worry about your diastasis or leaking all over the floor?

Q. What would it feel like to know that you’ve built a strong foundation with your postpartum body and are ready for any activity or challenge that comes your way?

Q. What would actually hitting your fitness goals do for your confidence in your ability to set and achieve goals in other areas of your life?

What investment would you be willing to make to have any one of those become your reality?

If the answer is $0 then, by all means, skip out. 

But for most new mamas, the value of any of those goals becoming a reality is invaluable -- meaning enrolling in Strong Moms: Rebuild after Baby -- from a fiscal standpoint -- is a no-brainer.

Heck, it’s half the cost of a haircut and balayage treatment at the salon.

I truly believe this program will work for anyone ready to commit to taking action to rebuild their body after baby, but in case it doesn’t, I offer a guarantee.

If you get inside the program, give it an honest try, and decide it isn’t for you, you can take advantage of my 14-day “No Questions Asked” refund

That means a full refund is just a quick email away. 

  • I know Strong Moms: Rebuild after Baby works! 
  • I know it has changed lives, and it can change yours too!
  • If you’re ready for true, long-lasting transformation from the inside out, this is the program for you.

    So if I haven’t talked you our of Strong Moms: Rebuild after Baby today, what are you waiting for?


Don't wait! Doors Close Thursday @ Midnight PT


100% Risk Free

We want you to be 100% confident when you enroll in Strong Moms: Rebuild After Baby. At Strong Moms Fitness, we only take dedicated and fitness driven women into our programs.

We have created Rebuild after Baby for athletic women who wish to rebuild their body after baby, so that they can return to sport safely.

We know you’ve tried lots of things and you're probably worried about whether this is the right fit for you. So, if you join Strong Moms Fitness and decided that it is not a good fit, we won’t make you stick around.

That’s why you’ve got a 14-day money-back guarantee. Simply send us an email at daisy@strongmomsfitness.com with the email address you used to sign up, along with the reason you're not happy, and we will cancel your purchase and process your refund.  

Final Invitation From Daisy,

Look, you can certainly try to do this on your own, but remember you don't know what you don't know. It took me years to piece all of this together because I didn't have a proven roadmap to follow.

You have two choices:

Choice # 1: Keep doing what you're doing, and hope that you don't injure yourself.

Choice # 2: Take a fast pass to get the results you've been dreaming of. These are the exact steps that have worked for my clients.

The choice is yours.

There's nothing I'd love more than to cheer you on and welcome you inside, Strong Moms: Rebuild After Baby!

Let's do it!


Don't wait! Doors Close Thursday @ Midnight PT